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  National Security Adviser Denies President Revealed Classified Information...  CSPAN  May 15, 2017 7:08pm-7:10pm EDT

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fitting location han our capitol to honor our heros. in a few minutes, we'll hear comments from the president, but want to acknowledge him in e is in his short time office has let america know that officers arecement important and that their lives matter. and that we need to protect them -- to break away and take you live now to the white ouse where national security adviser h.r. mcmaster is speaking to reporters about that "washington post" story. >> the story that came out false.t as reported is the president and the foreign minister reviewed a range of to our two ts countries including threats to civil aviation. at no time, were intelligence sources or methods discussed. the president did not disclose any military operations hat were not already publicly
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known. two other senior officials present including the secretary meeting remember the the same way and have said so. accounts the record should outweigh those of anonymous sources. was in the room and it didn't happen. thanks, everybody. thank you. >> so there you saw white house -- national security mcmaster outside the white house speaking to "washingtonout that alleging that president trump told the russians classified information. as l follow developments they occur here on c-span. back now to that event earlier capitol with vice president pence and president trump for the fallen police officers.